3D Illustrations: Biology and Medicine

3D Illustrations

The professional design of medical and scientific 3D illustrations. Our main 3D designer has over 25 year of experience and skilfully creates anatomically correct body shapes (human, animal, insect), 3D objects that mimic reality, and all types of cellular and molecular structures.

Molecule Structures

Our scientific advisors can transform your crystallographic data into accurate 3D molecule structures. However, you may also be able to do this yourself. In this case, you can send your structure to us and we can give it a final touch with realistic shading and colours, place it in it’s ‘natural’ 3D environment, or bring it to life in a 3D animation.

3D Animations

The 3D objects that we design for you can move and interact as you like in a highly realistic animation. Depending on your need, we can discuss the quality that your animation needs to have and set a fair price accordingly. Sound, music and subtitles can be added. For real video material, we can collaborate with third parties.

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