Book covers

We design covers for textbooks, theses and journals. We understand the time and effort it requires to write a scientific book and believe that this deserves an attractive and representative cover. It is our mission to design an appealing and convincing cover that represents your topic and increases the willingness of your audience to read your texts.

(Poster) Presentations

Scientists are usually trained to give a clear representation of their results and ideas. We give your poster or presentation slides an extra touch, so that you can impress your audience with a topic-related theme and an excellent layout. Of course our design also includes optimal color combinations and original and appropriate font types and sizes.

Promotional Material

We design promotional material for science-related events, such as flyers and posters to announce congresses, seminars or speakers. Additionally, we develop personal promotional material for scientists, including business cards, CVs and portfolios. Our designers are trained to position your content in an attractive way that gets the attention of your audience.

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