We normally follow the standard procedure that is discussed below.

Figure Design Process

1. Submit your content
We usually start with an introductory video-call before or after your quotation request, depending on your preference. Once we received all necessary information about your project, you will receive a quotation with the estimated hours and costs. You can chose to submit draft images (e.g., a picture/scan of a manually drawn sketch) if you have a good idea of the visual(s) that you would like to have. Our work on a project will start once you officially accepted the quotation.

An example of a draft image that we brought to life

2. Development
Based on your request, our team develops concept illustrations or animations that give you a good impression of how the final version could look. Sometimes we make different styles of the same illustration or animation so that you can choose the most suitable option.

3. Interim meeting
You are presented with the concept illustrations or animations during a personal or video-call meeting in which options for the final products are discussed. Any changes that you request will be taken into account.

4. Final figures
Based on the interim meeting, final designs are produced and sent to you in high resolution and ready for usage! We will always be happy to apply small modifications to the final products upon your request.

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